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        Nanjing Nanzi Electric Instrument Co., Ltd.
        Welcome to our company, we will be happy to serve you ?     2014-05-19
        >>  Guide rail electric energy meter
        >>  Data collector
        >>  Energy consumption monitoring...
        >>  Electrical quantity transducer
        >>  Non-electrical quantity transducer
        >>  Multifunction watthour meter
        >>  Intelligent electric power measure...
        >>  Electromotor intelligent measure...
        >>  Data table display
        >>  Temperature and humidity...
        >>  Other
        Tel: +86-25-51858260
        Fax: +86-25-83412307
        QQ: 2640529080

        Nanjing Nanzi Electric Power Meter Co.,Ltd.is China earliest manufacturer engaged in the research and production of low-voltage intelligent electric instruments. As Jiangsu Province New and High-tech Enterprise, Nanzi Instrument has established excellent production technique and reliable quality guarantee system, insisting on tenet of “people first and technology leading”. Carrying on cultural spirit of “innovation, integrity, dedicated and mutual-benefit”, our company is engaged in assure wide colleagues of accurate, safe and reliable measurement instruments. In 2013, we began to cooperate with Nanjing Sushang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. to develop energy consumption, management and energy efficiency management products.

        Since the establishment, we make efforts to create professional electric measurement instrument brand. We have launched high accuracy, high stability data display instrument, intelligent network instrument, and transmitter, temperature and humidity controller and so on.

        Insisting on quality principle of “market-oriented, customer satisfaction and sincere service”, we carry out manufacturing strictly according to ISO9001:2000 international quality system. We would like to provide wide users in electric, petroleum, metallurgy and construction fields of superior quality intelligent electric products.

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